These transistor gates are just one carbon atom thick

Published March 15, 2022


IEEE Spectrum quoted Huamin Li, assistant professor of electrical engineering, in a story about a transistor with a record-breaking gate length of just roughly one-third of a nanometer wide, only as thick as a single layer of carbon atoms, shedding light on how much smaller transistors can possibly get.

This new work pushes the scaling limit for gates further to “just the thickness of a single layer of carbon atoms,” said Li, whose research focuses on 2D electronics and optoelectronics.  “It will be hard to beat this record for quite some time.”

“This prototypical work stands as a new attempt to explore the vertical architecture of transistors, following the evolution of FinFET technology. Hopefully it will inspire more creative ideas to fully explore the potential of 2D materials and extend Moore’s law for high-performance energy-efficient nanoelectronics.”

Li was not involved in the study.

Read the story here.