Pao-Lo Liu Receives Grant for Online Education

Professor Pao-Lo Liu has received a grant from NY State as a member of 3 PI team, one from each of the following SUNY campuses:  Stony Brook, Binghamton and Buffalo. The total award is $615,000 over 3 yrs, for all campuses.

The three campuses have been collaborating for the last six years to offer online courses in Electrical Engineering.  In 2011, the NY State Education Department approved the program as an upper-division Bachelor of Science degree program in Electrical Engineering at Stony Brook University.   Faculty from Binghamton and Buffalo continue to support the program by teaching some of the online electrical engineering courses at Stony Brook University as adjunct faculty.   

The broad objective of this grant is to expand the program and provide online professional engineering education to the technical work force in New York and the nation. To accomplish this overall goal, specific objectives include  expanding the offering of high-quality online laboratory courses,  seeking ABET accreditation,  offering faculty support for online teaching, instructional designs and course development and providing a model for  partnership within SUNY campuses that embraces the Open SUNY concept in which students can take online courses among SUNY campuses as outlined in the Chancellor’s Open SUNY Initiative.