Top Honors in the 2018 EE & SEAS Graduate Research Poster Competitions


Viktor Sukhotskiy

Amit Sangwan.

Amit Sangwan

Graduate students from EE presented their research posters to faculty, staff, fellow students, and members of the community during the annual Graduate Student Poster competitions at the Department and School-Wide Levels.

The winners of the EE poster competition are:

First place:​

"Magnetohydrodynamic Drop-on-Demand Liquid Metal 3D Printing: Device Modelling & Characterization" presented by Viktor Sukhotskiy (Advisor: Edward Furlani)

Second place:

“Increasing The Distance Between Nano-biosensing Implants And Wearable Devices” presented by Amit Sangwan (Advisor: Josep Jornet)

Third place:

“Metamaterial Feeding Network Enabled Frequency Scanning Antenna Array” presented by Dongyin Ren (Advisor: Brandon Choi)

Top EE finishers went on to compete in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Research Poster Competition. In this contest, the second place award went to Viktor Sukhotskiy.

published April 18, 2018