Second Annual EE IOT Exhibit

student demo.
student demonstrating.
student demonstrating.

Smart Armor

Within the last two decades, major breakthroughs in the field of electronics, embedded systems and wireless communications have paved the way for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT defines a truly cyber-physical system in which all sorts of physical devices, ranging from sensors and actuators to home appliances and even vehicles, are interconnected and able to autonomously interact with each other. This new form of seamless connectivity is the enabler of many diverse applications in the fields of smart healthcare, home monitoring and automation, environmental monitoring and pollution control, smart grid and infrastructure management, real-time monitoring of industrial processes, and intelligent transportation of people and goods.

As a final project, students in EE701: The Internet of Things: From Technology to Applications, design, build and integrate an IoT board, which incorporates micro-controllers, radio transceivers, antennas and power units, and conduct a live demonstration of their team projects. 

Projects in the 2018 exhibit included: 

- The Internet of Underwater Things

- Smart Water Consumption Monitoring

- Smart Water Quality Monitoring

- Smart Grocery Replenishing System

- Smart Mailbox

- Smart Armor

- Automatic Fall Detection

- Mushroom: An Integrated IoT Backend Service

student speaking.
student speaking.

Mushroom: An Integrated IoT Backend Service

student speaking.
water bowl.

Smart Water Monitoring

electronic wires.
computer screen.

Smart Grocery Replenishing System

student speaking.

Automatic Fall Detection


Smart Mailbox

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