Networking & Communications

satellite dish.

We carry out research on fundamental aspects of signal acquisition, data representation, transmission, and processing, single and multi-user wireless point-to-point and networked communications.


Centers and Laboratories

Current Projects

Secure physical-layer communications ● Small-sample-support interference suppression to pn-masked data streams ● Minimum-distortion data embedding in multimedia files ● Compressed-sensed video and deterministic measurement matrices ● Underwater acoustic communications: Novel sub-symbol fading optimal receivers ● Channel-data blind signal separation in underwater communications ● Stochastic channel access for underwater acoustic sensor networks with spatial and temporal interference uncertainty ● Analog network coding for multi-hop underwater acoustic networks ● Jointly optimal channelization and routing in cognitive networks ● Optimized hybrid-ARQ links Waveform-domain interference alignment on a software-defined radio network ● Detection of unknown modulation schemes ● Information-theoretic design of linear block codes ● Uniquely-decodable overloaded multiplexing of digital waveforms ● Performance vs complexity driven design of space-time block code transmission systems ● Cross-layer optimized video streaming ● Video streaming in cooperative networks ● Online learning for energy-efficient delay-critical communication in unknown and dynamic wireless environments ● Energy-efficient multicore video decoding ● Data center power management ● Magnetic induction-based wireless communication and networking in RF-challenged environments ● Self-contained micro wireless sensor network in oil reservoirs ● Disaster-immune communication and localization in mines and tunnels ● Underground infrastructure monitoring and fault detection ● Cooperative communications and relaying techniques ● Cross-layer resource allocation for cognitive and  cooperative ad hoc networks ● Cooperative ARQ protocol design and analysis ● Airborne MIMO communication systems ● Interference alignment in multi-hop MIMO networks ● Dynamic decision making under uncertainty and partial information in large-scale networks ● Variational Inequalities: A new paradigm for cognitive network layering ● Toward distributed decision making in cognitive radio ad-hoc networks based on bilevel equilibrium programming ● Learning equilibria in mean-field networks via differential variational inequalities ● Extending the realm of optimization for complex systems: Uncertainty, competition and dynamics ● Robust compressed sensing reconstruction algorithms ● Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging ● Tissue parameter mapping ● Non-Fourier encoding for magnetic resonance imaging ● Kernel-based nonlinear image reconstruction techniques ● Blind compressed sensing and its applications ● Compressed sensing for photoacoustic imaging ● Active networking and software-defined networked systems ● Sensor networks for energy efficiency in buildings ● Ultrasonic networking for intra-body implantable sensor networks ● Multi-view rate control for multimedia sensor networks ● Mobile cloud computing ● Queuing games in interference-limited wireless networks ● Jamming and anti-jamming in infrastructure-less wireless networks ● Design and simulation of next-generation HF communication systems ● Reliability aware design of multicore processor systems-on-chip (MPSoCs) ● Energy aware design of network-on-chip based systems-on-chip ● Embedded systems: Optimization and design methodologies ● Reconfigurable and parallel computing ● L1-subspace signal processing ● Graphene-enabled electromagnetic nanonetworks in the Terahertz Band ● Ultra-broadband communication networks in the Terahertz Band ● Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Biological and Chemical Attack Prevention ● The Internet of Nano-Things ●