Power & Energy Systems

wind turbines.

The Power & Energy Systems area focuses on various aspects of the generation, storage, transmission, and distribution of electric power. The program integrates energy systems research with research in energy control, efficiency improvement, demand side management, power quality and economics, renewable resources and integration, and smart grid communications. Power and energy are an increasingly important issue in society and thus, an important and evolving area in electrical engineering.


Centers and Laboratories

  • Power Electronics Research Group
  • Energy Systems Integration
  • Power Electronics and Control Lab

Current Projects

Non-Thermal Plasma characterization for the treatment of Melanoma  ●  Protection of Munitions Applications Exposed to Electromagnetic Pulse and Repetitive Electromagnetic Pulse  ● Peak Load Shaving Technology with Renewable Resources  ●  High Penetration of Solar Electricity into the Electric Grid  ●  Efficient and Reliable Energy Delivery Infrastructure  ●  Microgrids, Distributed Energy Resources, and Power System Reliability Scope ● Demand Side Management: On-line efficiency control in facilities using Smart Grids  ●  Efficient Algorithm for Solving AC Optimal Power Flow ● Smart Electric Transmission and Distribution Grid Systems  ●  Research Coordination Network for a Sino/U.S. collaborative research at the nexus of energy/water/climate/air pollution ●