MAE Student Excellence Awards

Our MAE undergraduate students exhibit excellence in a variety of ways. The MAE Student Excellence Awards recognize these students for their outstanding contributions.

The 2024 MAE Student Excellence Award applications are open, and the deadline is Friday, March 29 by 11:59 PM

2023 Recipients

The 2023 recicpients of the MAE Excellence Awards.

Chair's Award

Honors exceptional students in the department who demonstrate sustained excellence across a number of areas including academic, leadership, service, etc.

Angelique Jan Miane

Distinguished Leadership Award

Honors students who demonstrate significant leadership of and influence on their peers toward achieving organizational goals.

Joseph Malach

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Honors students who promote a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

Kevin Corrales

Humanitarian Award

Honors students who have excelled in their community outreach, service, and engagement.

Corey Copani

Undergraduate Researcher Award

Honors students for their work as an undergraduate researcher in MAE.

Owen Mylotte

Young Professional Award

Honors students who have excelled in their early industry experiences.

Jarrett Wolf

Past Recipients