Scholarships and Awards

Recent awards and scholarships earned by undergraduate students in our department.

MAE Student Excellence Awards

Our MAE undergraduate students exhibit excellence in a variety of ways. The MAE Student Excellence Awards recognize these students for their outstanding contributions.

Chair's Award

Honors exceptional students in the department who demonstrate sustained excellence across a number of areas including academic, leadership, service, etc.

2023 - Angelique Jan Miane
2022 - Casey Hayes
2021 - Amy Faville
2020 - Jonathan Bessette
2019 - Ian Desjardin
2018 - Daniel Buckmaster
2017 - Seamus Lombardo

Distinguished Leadership Award

Honors students who demonstrate significant leadership of and influence on their peers toward achieving organizational goals.

2023 - Joseph Malach
2022 - Abigail Kerkezis
2021 - Henry Leach
2020 - Andrew Heagle
2019 - Jessica Evans
2018 - Samiha Islam
2017 - Mara Boardman

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Honors students who promote a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion. 

2023 - Kevin Corrales
2022 - Fahad Abu
2021 - Madeline Lowry
2020 - Katherine Hartsough

Humanitarian Award

Honors students who have excelled in their community outreach, service, and engagement.

2023 - Corey Copani
2021 - Mirka Arevalo
2020 - Andrew Heagle
2019 - Leah Nolan
2018 - Abeda Alam
2017 - Walker Gosrich

Undergraduate Researcher Award

Honors students for their work as an undergraduate researcher in MAE.

2023 - Owen Mylotte
2022 - Abdullah Islam
2021 - Anoop Kiran
2020 - Anton Buynoskiy
2019 - Chris Gnam
2018 - Fatak Borhani
2017 - Alberto Padovan

Young Professional Award

Honors students who have excelled in their early industry experiences.

2023 - Jarrett Wolf
2022 - Ellise Blake
2021 - Justin Page
2020 - Fatak Borhani
2019 - Maura Sutherland
2018 - Michael Kleinfelder
2017 - Akshay Sivadas

Adarsh Bhagat Memorial Fund

Established in 1985 by Urvashi Sangal to provide an annual award in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Must be an accepted major who exhibits academic excellence and actively participates in the Buffalo Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

2021-2022 Recipients

Angelique Jan Miane

2020-2021 Recipients

Madison Ciccarella
Krista Beranger

2019-2020 Recipients

Joshua Prendergast

2018-2019 Recipients

Olivia Gustafson
Ramzy Abu-Ramadan

John W. Danforth Senior Scholar

Established in 2003 by the John W. Danforth Company. Must be a senior majoring in mechanical engineering and would like to continue their education at the graduate level. Must complete the FAFSA and have financial need.

2022-2023 Recipients

Tedros Mario

2021-2022 Recipients

Chi Nnoka
Mohamed Ladmia

2020-2021 Recipients

Dakota Rowehl

Yong H. Lee Scholarship Fund

Established in 1999 by the family of Yong H. Lee and its descendants.  Must be a junior majoring in Mechanical or Aerospace engineering and demonstrates both academic achievement and financial need; domestic students complete the FAFSA and international students submit a financial need statement in the general application.

2022-2023 Recipients

Fatou Gueye
Delbert Hart
Asa Mohammed
Chanthiru Premashanker
Md Raiyan Ferdous Rafid
Shardul Saptarshi
Brandon Soto
Chirstoper Tarrant

2021-2022 Recipients

Sonali Adhikari
Trinity Blackman
Max Magee
Muhammad Hamza Nasir
Haley Parker
Jonathan Volponi

2020-2021 Recipients

Takahito Isobe
Chi Nnoka
Anoop Kiran
Dylan Saffir

2019-2020 Recipients

Dakota Rowehl
Binbin Chen
Zachery Osbeck

2018-2019 Recipients

David Hooper
Sarah Kramer
Philip Piendel

Mechanical Engineering Scholarship Fund

Must be majoring in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, is in good academic standing and has financial need.

2021-2022 Recipients

Monica Cortes
Michael Hannon
Titiksha Singh
Takahito Isobe
Kevin Zheng

2020-2021 Recipients

Sonali Adhikari
Gradi Bigati
Paige Cosgrove
Andrea Judasz 
Nihar Dilipbhai Patel
Titiksha Singh

Elbridge N. and Stephana R. Townsend Scholarship Fund

Established in 1995 by William Townsend. Must be a newly admitted freshman or graduate student in the School of Engineering or Applied Sciences. Must have a strong academic record. Preference to mechanical engineering majors who are Western New York residents. Must complete the FAFSA and have financial need.

2022-2023 Recipients

Lauren Affronte
Zacary Ross
Dana Sahib
Nicholas O'Sheehan

2021-2022 Recipients

Catherine Mulvey
Conner Regan
Dustin To
Kevin Wu

2020-2021 Recipients

Efrem Bekteshi
Jordan McEntee
Marieross Navarro
Becky Paul-Odionhin

2019-2020 Recipients

Nathan Ball
Michael Barkachy
Joseph Carleton
Neila Hand
Joseph Jaracz
Shamus O'Connor
Adam Testa
Nicholas Sugg

Gustav and Grete Zimmer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by Grete M. Zimmer to support undergraduate majors in mechanical and aerospace engineering. The fund is used to support undergraduate research, and requires that a student submit a plan of research that is supervised by an MAE professor.

2022-2023 Recipients

Trinity Blackman
John Cemay
Dang Duong
Grace Derrick
Ethan Fort
Fatou Gueye
Owen Mylotte
Matteo Pellegrini
Thomas Scully
Derek Yu

2021-2022 Recipients

Christina Colella
Monica Cortes
Abdullah Islam
Ian Morse
Becky Paul-Odionhin 
Renoy Ranjith
Islam Zakaria-Saleh
Titiksha Singh
Garrett Thomas
Cailean Woods

2020-2021 Recipients

Achira Boonrath
Herman Bambrah
Haosong Xiao
Herman Bambrah
Baoshan Liang
Sam Slick

2019-2020 Recipients

Melanie Georger
Anoop Kiran
Maxwell Kolarich
Chi Nnoka
Titiksha Singh
Justin Page
Mengyuan Sun

2018-2019 Recipients

Fatak Borhani
Stephen Gagnon
Benjamin Grace
Olivia Gustafson
Owen Langrehr
Seamus Lombardo
Seth Messer
Ryan Nguyen
Shathushan Sivashangaran
Peter Wilkins