Anil Kshirsagar

Anil Kshirsagar.

Executive Chair, CAPIOT Software, Inc

Anil Kshirsagar, MS (IE) 1977, MBA 1979, B. Tech. 1975 (ME) IIT Bombay, is a co-founder of CAPIOT Software, Inc. CAPIOT is a high growth startup based in Palo Alto, California, that assists customers in their quest to transform and digitalize their business for succeeding in the 21st century. The company has presence in the U.S., India, Singapore and Australia and has built state of the art products and solutions for connecting everything in an enterprise, analytics and machine learning. CAPIOT's foundational Omni Data Platform (ODP) allows customers to organize, govern and distribute data in real time in a highly scalable manner and build their own custom applications with hyper speed and agility.

Prior to CAPIOT, Anil worked for TIBCO Software, Inc in Palo Alto, California. Anil contributed to TIBCO's success growing from ground up to a billion dollar company working with Fortune 500 companies around the world. His contributions included product development, services and general management spanning offices around the world.

Kshirsagar also started a couple of companies prior to TIBCO - Elcomex, an e-commerce company and India's first super computer company which became part of the Tata Group.

In Kshirsagar 's prior career, he worked for Ford Motor Company where he contributed to technology strategy and implementation in Engineering and Business divisions of Ford. 

Kshirsagar has contributed to his alma mater in a variety of ways. He co-founded IIT Bombay Alumni Association in the US and was President for the initial formative decade. During his leadership the association contributed to formation of various schools at IIT (IT, Management, BioSciences, Energy, etc.) and carried out various alumni focused programs. Kshirsagar continues to be active on IIT Bombay's Alumni Association Board. Kshirsagar also co-founded Global PanIIT organization and was the Founding Secretary of the Board in the initial years. From 2013 Kshirsagar, has focused on assisting UB's presence in the Bay Area and is on UB's Alumni Board as well.

Kshirsagar has two sons, a Data Scientist and a Physician, and lives with his wife in the Bay Area.

Kshirsagar joined the Dean's Advisory Council in 2018.