Get Involved

Do you know about all of the ways alumni can get involved with the Engineering and Applied Sciences Alumni Association and make a difference at UB? 

Explore the range of opportunities below to find something that fits your schedule and interests. Then, contact to get started!

Ways to Get Involved

Serve on a UBEAA Committee

Recent Alumni Committee

The primary charge of the recent alumni committee is to authentically engage young alumni within 3 years of their first degree from the University at Buffalo. To better engage new graduates and young alumni, this committee will additionally engage students, with an emphasis on juniors and seniors. This committee will act as the bridge for the student to alumni experience, encouraging individuals to stay involved, be aware and a part of UB SEAS as the program and school continue to grow. The young alumni committee is accessible to provide feedback and perspectives to University Advancement, SEAS and leadership. This committee will also oversee the ad-hoc new building initiative creating focus groups, meetings and providing intel (along with the executive committee).

Committee Chair: Nate Bolt

Mentoring and Professionalism Committee

The primary charge of the mentoring and professionalism committee is to cultivate and provide professionalism and mentoring opportunities for UB alumni with students. The committee will work to enhance student to alumni, and alumni to alumni relationships as well as student experience through exposure and interaction to UB alumni. The committee will partner with SEAS operations such as the Career Design Center as well as corporate partners to create synergies with industry professionals to further expand opportunities.

Committe Chair: Jim Wehrfritz

Engagement Committee

The primary charge of the Engagement committee is to engage alumni in various ways outside of the other committee events such as sports related events, and SEAS initiative events to highlight the school, while also promoting school spirit and providing opportunities around strong traditions in UB culture. The engagement committee will work on finding and engaging affinity groups and then bringing alumni together based on those affinities.

Committee Chair: Tim Van Oss

Awards and Philanthropy Committee

The awards and philanthropy committee is responsible for facilitating, selecting, and recognizing scholarship and award recipients (occasionally along with the Dean and Advancement staff). This committee volunteers and helps to coordinate awards ceremonies as UBEAA representation. The committee serves as ambassadors for philanthropy to the University at Buffalo, spreading the message of the importance to give back to your alma mater and the difference it can make in the lives of students, the future of UB and elevating UB degrees.

Committee Chair: Stephen Cross

Join the UBEAA Board

Interested in joining the UB Engineering and Applied Sciences Alumni Association Board (UBEAA)? We accept nominations year round. UBEAA's mission is to establish, promote and maintain service to the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences through its members.

5 Other Ways for SEAS Alumni to Get Involved

  1. Attend the annual Engineer Alley at UB Football and UB Basketball — social events where we party together and rally behind our Buffalo Bulls! Woven into the events is a competition for student clubs to win financial support provided by the UBEAA. Check the calendar for dates.
  2. Nominate a colleague for Engineer of the Year. Do you know an outstanding alumnus of the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences? We accept nominations every year to honor an individual who has distinguished himself/herself in alumni, community, business and professional activities.
  3. Give to the UBEAA to support our student and alumni programs, scholarships, or student experiential learning opportunities
  4. Sponsor engineering club activities, including participation in competitions such as ASCE's Concrete Canoe and SAE’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge.
  5. Provide mentoring, internship opportunities, or submit a problem for an engineering project.

What are you passionate about? We’re looking to expand our reach all the time. Bring your own skills and passions to the table and, working with the school, we’ll run with it!