Overview of Curriculum

The current civil engineering curriculum is best visualized by referring to the relevant flowsheet showing courses by semester and pre or co-requisites. The curricular plan can be viewed in the UB undergraduate catalog. In addition to the foundational courses in math and science, students are exposed to all areas of civil engineering. Four specialization tracks are available to seniors during their final year of study. Contact the undergraduate studies coordinator.


Interactive flowsheets show students the recommended sequence of courses based on the curricular plan. View yours at this link

Specialization Tracks

UB Curriculum

UB Curriculum is our innovative, student-centered approach to general education for undergraduate students. Our purpose-driven general education program lets students build upon their experiences from semester to semester. Review the UB Curriculum page for more information.

Required Coursework

Required courses include a number of general engineering, math and science courses, as well as courses in civil engineering. For more information on required courses in civil engineering, review the Program Requirements.

Below are curricular overviews for each year of the program:

Technical Electives

Four upper-level technical electives are required for the BS civil engineering program. Students may select any combination of approved technical electives, subject to constraints.

Co-Ops and Internships

CIE 496 Civil Engineering Internship is a technical elective and an opportunity for students to earn academic credit while gaining experience working on a civil engineering project in a practical setting. An internship typically takes place over the summer, but students may also enroll in this course during the semester. For more information on internship requirements, visit CIE 496 on the undergraduate catalog.

EAS 496 Engineering Co-op is also a technical elective and can be used by students wishing to take a semester or two away from their studies to pursue an industry experience for an extended periods of time. 

Specialization Tracks

Civil engineering majors may pursue a general degree program or configure their electives to provide specialization in one of four sub-disciplines, as detailed in the subsequent sections.