Mechanical and Aerospace MS Programs

We offer MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. Students are trained for careers in engineering practice and/or further study at the doctoral level.


  • Requires successful completion of 30 graduate credit hours
  • Must maintain at least 3.0 GPA throughout program
  • Program formats:
    • All course option (30 credit hours of coursework)
    • Project option (27 credit hours of coursework, plus 3 credit hour project)
    • Thesis option (24-27 credit hours of coursework, plus 3-6 credit hour thesis)
  • Major advisor plays important role for Project and Thesis options
  • Full-time status: Requires twelve credit hours per semester (nine credit hours if serving as TA/GA/RA)
  • Program duration: Typically three to four semesters
  • Informal courses: Up to six credit hours are permitted


The Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Master of Science programs have no core course requirements. However, at least 21 credits of the student's program must be MAE courses.

Program Options

Note: All students enter UB under the all-course option.

MS with Thesis MS with Project All-Course MS Dual MS Degree

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least nine approved graduate courses (27 credit hours)
  • 3 credit hours of project registration (MAE 560), for a total of 30 credit hours.


The project should be carefully prepared, and must be typed and bound. The candidate makes an oral presentation at which the examination committee is present in addition to other interested faculty and students. 

  • Two people, qualified to render judgment in the area involved, constitute the project examination committee: the advisor plus one other faculty member. Non-MAE faculty can serve as committee member, provided they have a Graduate School appointment.
  • A typed report of substantial length is required, written to a satisfactory standard as judged by the faculty advisor.