Julie Cercone

Information Security Professional - Lead Analyst, Citi

Julie Cercone.

Julie Cercone joined Citi in 2014 in an information security role for the firm on the InfoSec team. The InfoSec team focuses on internal entitlements and functionality under the CISO office, looking at items from cross-business entitlements, clarity on application functions and security practices, and functional ID risk. 

Cercone is a Buffalo, NY native and received her BA in computer science in 2011, and an MS in management information systems in 2013, both from the University at Buffalo. She has been a member of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Young Alumni Board since 2016. The SEAS Young Alumni board merged with the SEAS Alumni Association in 2021, where Cercone currently serves as a board member. 

Cercone joined the Dean’s Advisory Council in 2022.