CMS Access and User Permissions

Add, adjust or remove UBCMS user permissions for any websites within the domain, or for SEAS-related research center and institute websites in the domain.

For all other user permission changes, please use the request form provided by University Communications.

Before You Request Access

All new UBCMS users requesting access to SEAS or related websites are required to complete training for access levels above Viewer. 


Roles and Permissions

eye icon.


  • The most basic role in the UBCMS
  • Can view but cannot create or modify pages in the authoring environment
  • Can see, but not modify page annotations
  • Recommended for content proofreaders, reviewers and hands-off strategic leads
compose icon.


  • Does the lion's share in the UBCMS
  • Can view, create, move or delete pages in the authoring environment
  • Can modify most content, except the header, footer and related links
rocket ship icon.


  • Can view and activate pages in the authoring environment
  • Can deactivate pages, removing them from the public site
  • Unless they also are Authors, they cannot create or delete pages, or modify content
code markup icon.


  • Authors who receive additional access to special features in the UBCMS, such as design mode and site configuration files
  • Allows for the manipulation of navigation, headers and footers, and the addition of non-standard or experimental page components
  • Highly experienced CMS users and web developers only

The SEAS Office of Communications reserves the right to remove permissions from any user that does not abide by accessibility requirements, does not demonstrate adequate proficiency using the UBCMS, and/or requires additional training.