Example Intramural Projects

  • Development of a Career Fair Sign-up Android App for M&T Bank

    Project Deliverable

    4 screenshots of the app.

    Software engineers from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering developed an Android application that allows collecting contact information from students for future follow up on career opportunities. The application is deployed on Android-based tablets.

    The application allows students to provide basic contact information: name, email address, major, year of graduation, and area of interest (internship, permanent position, and field). It also contains a comment section, hidden from the applicant, where the recruiter can make notes on each applicant. The application is also customizable, allowing recruiters to upload logos and change colors to match the branding of the school where recruiting is taking place.

    The application provides the capability of pulling out the data from multiple tablets running the app, in the form of a spreadsheet that can be used by the Human Resource recruiting systems.

  • Development of a CubeSat Control Algorithm Testbed

    NASA Goddard challenged students from electrical and mechanical & aerospace engineering to develop an Arduino-based control algorithm testbed for a CubeSat. Students worked to develop a desktop educational technology capable of sensing a light-source and tracking that source as it moves. Designing such a testbed would allow other students to develop and test various control algorithms as a way to learn about the engineering and math behind a variety of systems that must be precisely controlled in support of numerous applications.

    The students successfully designed and built an alpha-prototype system and presented the results to NASA. However, they did not stop there. Instead, the students spent the next 18 months furthering development of the system and creating a Version 2.0, with support from UB’s CURCA (Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities). They are continuing their effort, working to finalize the design as part of an interdisciplinary senior design project.