Engineering Nanocarbon Air Cathodes for High-Temperature Solid-State Li-O2 Batteries

Gang Wu Lab

pyramid with battery left side, car on right side, both traveling upward toward top to demonstrate increasing density.

Significantly increased energy density of Li-air batteries. (Reprinted from Energy Technology 20142, 317-324)


We design and prepare efficient porous air cathodes for solid-state Li-O2 electrochemical reactions, by integrating inorganic Li+ superionic solid electrolytes with high-performance bifunctional cathode catalysts. The proposed air cathodes with high O2 electrocatalytic activity and stability will enable efficient rechargeable solid-state Li-O2 electrochemical systems. The specific requirements for chemistry and structural needs of the air cathode for the solid-state Li+-O2system will be elucidated, with primary emphasis on the understanding of solid-state O2 electrocatalysis. This project is supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) - CBET-Process & Reaction Engineering Program (CBET- 1604392) (Co-PI: Prof. Edward Furlani)

Resulting Publications

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Students on this Project

  • Hanguang Zhang (PhD)
  • Ogechi Ogoke (PhD)
  • Yanghua He (PhD)
  • Haiyang Sheng (MS)
  • Min Wei (MS)
  • Alyssa D'Aloia (Undergraduate)
  • Dana Havas (Undergraduate)