Why Choose CBE at UB?

Our research spans all areas of chemical and biological engineering with particular emphasis in nanoscale science and engineering, computational science and engineering, and biochemical and biomedical engineering.

2 CBE students work on research sitting at a fume hood, whil e faculty member observes.

Not only do these critical research areas align with the strategic plan of our university, but with the energy and health related priorities of our nation.

Our award-winning faculty collectively address important problems in the emerging areas of materials informatics, nanomaterials for health, energy and the environment, and stem cell bioengineering.

Here at the University at Buffalo, we are uniquely positioned to leverage expertise from a variety of colleagues and resources. Between the RENEW university-wide interdisciplinary effort, the New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics (CMI), the new Cell Gene, and Tissue Engineering Center (CGTE) and the new UB Initiative on Plastics Recycling Research and Innovation, a NYS Center of Excellence, we will call on over 150 investigators within UB and the local scientific, health and entrepreneurial communities to work with us to forge breakthrough, collaborative initiatives.