Ruckenstein Lecture Series

The Ruckenstein Lecture Series honors Eli Ruckenstein, a prolific researcher who has made contributions in almost every subfield of chemical engineering. The series is supported by the Ruckenstein Endowment Fund.

Eli Ruckenstein.
Past speakers have included:
  • The Eli Ruckenstein Memorial Symposium, May 22, 2023

  • Dr. Sharon Glotzer, April 1, 2022
    Bonding Through Entropy

  • Dr. Chad A. Mirkin April 18, 2019
    Rational Vaccinology: In Pursuit of the Perfect Vaccine
  • Dr. Jeffrey A. Hubbell April 27, 2018
    Glycomaterials for Engineering Immunity and Tolerance

  • Dr. Kristi Anseth April 14, 2017: Hydrogels as synthetic ECM analogs through bio-click reactions

  • Dr. Ashutosh Sharma April 15, 2016: Self-organization on Nano Scales: Fabrication beyond the Top-down and Bottom-up by Harnessing Thin Film Instabilities

  • Dr. Robert S. Langer April 23, 2015: Biomaterials and biotechnology: From the discovery of the first angiogenesis inhibitors to the development ofcontrolled drug delivery systems and the foundation of tissue engineering

  • Dr. Mark E. Davis May 2, 2014: Fighting Cancer with Nanoparticle Medicines: The Nanoscale Matters!

  • Dr. Nicholas Peppas April 23, 2013: Intelligent and Diagnostic Therapeutic Systems: Advanced Biomaterials and Improved HealthCare

  • Dr. Dennis Prieve, Apr 23, 2012: Effect of Severe Wall Hinderence on Brownian Motion and Mobility: Is the Ratio Still kT as Predicted by Einstein? 

  • Dr. Pablo Debenedetti, Apr 19, 2011: The Theory of Hydrophobicity: Some Recent Developments on a Venerable Subject

  • Dr. George Stephanopoulos, April 29, 2010: Nanoscale Process Systems Engineering: Towards Molecular Factories, Synthetic Cells, and Adaptive Devices

  • Dr. Rakesh K. Jain, May 4, 2009 (Inaugural Lecture): Normalizing tumor microenvironment to treat cancer: From mathematical model to mouse to man

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