Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Large sized graphene tube.

Our research in Nanoscale Science and Engineering focuses on nanotechnology, advanced polymers, innovative catalysts, electrode materials, colloids, and self-assembly and crystallization phenomena. 

By integrating theoretical and experimental approaches to materials research, our students and faculty study and synthesize both soft and hard materials for practical applications to address key challenges in energy, environment, and health. Core components of chemical engineering including transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and chemical kinetics/reaction engineering are applied throughout our materials research activities, differentiating our approaches from those typically pursued by chemists and materials scientists.

Research Areas and Projects

Materials Engineering Faculty

Paschalis Alexandridis - Self-assembly, directed assembly, complex fluids, soft materials, nanomaterials, interfacial phenomena, amphiphilic polymers, biopolymers, product design

Chong Cheng - Biodegradable functional polymers and nanostructures, new drug delivery systems, synthetic materials for tissue engineering

Amit Goyal - Clean energy technologies

Eleni Kyriakidou - Heterogeneous catalysis, nanoparticle synthesis and surface science, and the application of such catalysts to environmental processes

Haiqing Lin - Novel membrane materials for CO2 capture from flue gas and syngas, robust membranes for natural gas liquids (NGLs) recovery from natural gas, & understanding polymer structure/aging correlations in thin films

Carl F. Lund - Heterogeneous catalysis, chemical kinetics, reaction engineering

Johannes M. Nitsche - Transport phenomena, bioactive surfaces, biological pores, transdermal transport

Mark T. Swihart - Synthesis and application of nanoparticles, reactor modeling, computational chemistry, particle nucleation and growth.particle nucleation and growth

Marina Tsianou - Molecularly engineered materials, self-assembly, interfacial phenomena, controlled crystallization, biomimetics

Gang Wu - Functional materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion; electrocatalysis for renewable energy and environmental science; materials electrochemistry; batteries; fuel cells