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UB CBE Alumni - Student Mentoring

David Geer.

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Can you spare a few hours a month?

CBE students are eager to hear about life after graduation and how they can best prepare for it. As an alumni of UB CBE, you are uniquely positioned to provide expert advice on everything from how to prepare for first job interviews, to insight on what to expect when entering the workforce.

Our newly-formed student mentoring committee is looking for experts like you, who may be willing to give back a few hours of your time to serve as a mentor and coach for students approaching graduation. By sharing your stories and listening to theirs, you can help provide much needed insight into what skills are necessary for new graduates seeking employment in industry and what is needed to have a successful and fulfilling career.

Please read further to see how you can sign up to help.  On behalf of CBE students, I thank you.

David Geer.

David Geer
Chair, UB CBE Advisory Board Mentoring Committee

Benefits of Alumni-Student Mentoring

  • Our goal is to better prepare our graduates to obtain and thrive in their first post-graduation positions.
  • This directly benefits those students, and also benefits their employers and the department’s reputation with these employers.
  • We hope alumni mentors benefit both from the intrinsic reward of seeing mentees succeed, and also in some cases from early access to great hires for their company. 

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