Higher tech windmills on the horizon for UB spin-off company

Published April 19, 2022


WBFO-FM spoke to mechanical engineering professor John Hall about how Atrevida Science, a company utilizing technology from his lab, is working to make windmill blades more high tech by adapting to shifting winds.

"The fastest growing job is a wind turbine technician. It is a good-paying job. It is a high-skilled job. And, there's going to be a lot of them," Atrevida Science CEO Claudia Maldonado.

That's on top of the doctorate-level engineers like Hall and the grad students in his research group. The UB spinoff still has access to the mammoth computer capability at the university, with Hall saying wind turbine design is data-driven and needs vast computer use. And student engineers who are engaged in making a difference.

"They have a concern for the future. They're interested in not just learning from an educational perspective but I think they also have an interest in it, as well. They're interested in climate change. They're interested in renewable energy. As a professor, I have students that come to me with these issues and they want to see how they can help." Hall said.

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