Policies and Forms

Charging and Invoicing Policies

To maintain the high level of technical support that the Engineering Machine Shop provides for faculty, staff, and students, machines, tooling and hardware must be continually maintained.

Due to rising costs, it is necessary to charge for the work and services provided by our technicians. Consultation, design assistance, or student instruction will continue to be free.

Any and all materials used for any project must be purchased by the user from outside vendors.

There is also an annual minimum service charge for engineering clubs that have a high volume usage of the machine shop. This charge provides for partial reimbursement for supplies, tooling, and machine repairs, etc.

Internal UB Rate: $43.00 per hour, plus materials and special tooling

UB Student Rate (academic projects): $20.00 per hour, student-supplied materials

UB Student Rate (personal projects): $23.00 per hour, student-supplied materials

External/Industry Rate: $95.00 per hour (includes current General University Service Fee (GUSF) of 13% subject to change); plus the cost of materials and special tooling (+GUSF)

First priority will be given to funded sponsored program jobs.

Second priority will be given to student lecture or laboratory class-related jobs.

Priority for all other work will be based on chronological order of job submission.