2017 Poster Competition

Group photo of participants in the 2017 graduate student poster competition.

Group photo of participants in the 2017 SEAS Graduate Student Poster Competition.

First Place

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Souransu Nandi

Regulation of Type 1 Diabetes Sensing and Control

Advisor: Tarunraj Singh

Second Place

Electrical Engineering

Christopher Fritz

Fast Binary Counters Based on Symmetric Stacking

Advisor: Adly Fam

Third Place (tie)

Biomedical Engineering

Richard Izzo

Three-Dimensional Printing to Assist in Surgical Planning of a Complex Visceral Malrotation Secondary to Posttraumatic Diaphragmatic Hernia

Advisors: Ciprian Ionita and Steven D. Schwaitzberg

Electrical Engineering

Pedram Johari

Nanoscale Optical Communications for In Vivo Wireless Nanosensor Networks

Advisor: Josep Miquel Jornet

Honorable Mentions

Biomedical Engineering

Kyle Mentkowski

Development of a Cardiomyocte Targeting Delivery System Utilizing Cardiosphere-Derived Cell Exosomes

Advisors: Jennifer Lang and Debanjan Sarkar

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Amin Jafari

Well-Defined Diblock Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-Poly (Ɛ-caprolactone)- Based Polymer-Drug Conjugates for pH-Responsive Delivery of Doxorubicin

Advisor: Chong Cheng

Moein Mohammad

Flame Synthesis of Multicomponent Metal Nanoparticles and Nano-Inks

Advisor: Mark Swihart

Andrew Bodratti

Micellization and Absorption Properties of Alkyl Polyethylene Glycol Ether Surfactants

Advisor: Paschalis Alexandridis

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Ching Ching Yu

Using Seismic Isolation to Reduce Risk and Construction Cost  of Nuclear Structures

Advisor: Andrew S. Whittaker

Arvid Masud

Iron Nanoparticle Conjugated Carbon Nanohybrids Synthesis by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis for Water Treatment

Advisors: John D. Atkinson and Nirupam Aich

Seliman Salaheldeen

Traffic Control at Freeway Works Zones Using Connected Vehicles Technology

Advisors: Qing He and Adel Sadek

Computer Science and Engineering

Yangwei Liu

Novel Geometric Approach for Global Alignment of PPI Networks

Advisor: Jinhui Xu

Zakieh Sadet Hasemifar and Charuvahan Advivarahan

Improving RGB-D SLAM with Wi-Fi

Advisor: Karthik Dantu

Li Zhang

One BioStore: Distributed Genome Storage and Analysis

Advisor: Tevfik Kosar

Electrical Engineering

Ke Zeng

Β-Ga2O3 Power MOSFET for High Efficiency Next Generation Power Electronics

Advisor: Uttam Singisetti

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Vineet Madasseri Payyappalli

Estimating Effectiveness of Investment, Optimal Resource Allocation and Predictive Risk Analytics for Fire Protection

Advisor: Jun Zhuang

Xi Zheng

A Formal Human Reliability Analysis of a Community Pharmacy Dispensing Procedure

Advisor: Matthew Bolton

Ming Ni

Same Day Delivering Planning with Store Fulfillment 

Advisor: Qing He

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Hasan B. Al Ba'ba'a

Understanding The Mechanism Of Band Gap Formation In Finite Locally Resonant Metamaterials

Advisor: Mostafa Nouh

Nicole Varble

In Silico Modeling of Hemodynamics in Intracranial Aneurysm Patients Treated Using Flow Diverters and its Relationship with Clinical Outcome

Advisor: Hui Meng