2019 Poster Competition

SEAS Dean Liesl Folks announces Ogechi Ogoke as the winner of the 2019 graduate student poster competition.

SEAS Dean Liesl Folks congratulates Ogechi Ogoke, winner of the 2019 graduate student poster competition.

First Place

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Ogechi Ogoke

An in Vitro 3D Model of  Liver Development Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Advisor: Natesh Parashurama

Second Place

Materials design and innovation

Behnoosh Sattari Baboukani

Shear Response of 2D Confined N-Hexadecane Molecules

Advisor: Prathima Nalam

Third Place

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Sina Basereh

Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Using Weakening and Self-Centering: Numerical Modeling

Advisor: Pinar Okumus

Honorable Mentions

Biomedical Engineering

Nanditha Anandakrishnan

Rapid Stereolithography Printing of Human Scale Vascularized Tissues

Advisor: Ruogang Zhao

Lingyue Yan

Delivery of anti-microRNA-21 by Cationic Lipoplexes in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Treatment

Advisors: Yun Wu and Ruogang Zhao

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Nima Shahkaramipour

Antifouling Membranes by Surface Modification Using Hydrophilic Zwitterions

Advisor: Haiqing Lin

Computer Science and Engineering

Md S Q Zulkar Nine

A  Two-Phase Dynamic Throughput Optimization Model for Big Data Transfers

Advisor: Tevfik Kosar

Chang Min Park

Gesto: Mapping UI Events to Gestures and Voice

Advisor: Steven Ko

Electrical Engineering

Gaurav Nagesh Shetty

Novel MRI Reconstruction Algorithm by Exploiting Data-Manifold Geometries

Advisor: Konstantinos Slavakis

Arjun Singh

Design of Plasmonic Nano-Antenna Arrays for Ultra-directional Terahertz Communications and Beamforming

Advisor: Josep M. Jornet

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Zachary Steever

Dynamic Courier Routing for a Food Delivery Service

Advisors: Chase Murray and Mark Karwan

John Fontecha

Pro-environmental Social Influence via  Randomized Incentive Programs

Advisors: Jose L. Walteros and Alexander Nikolaev

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Philip Odonkor

Optimal Control of Distributed Energy Resources in Building Clusters Using Reinforcement Learning

Advisor: Kemper Lewis

Seyedeh Elaheh Ghiasian

Determination of Component Fabrication Feasibility for Additive Manufacturing

Advisor: Kemper Lewis

Materials Design and Innovation

Soojung Baek

Exotic Decision Making for Guided and Autonomous Experiment in Material Science

Advisor: Kristofer Reyes

Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering

Prashant Shekar

Hierarchical Regularization Networks for Learning on Noisy Datasets

Advisor: Abani Patra