Society For Risk Analysis-UB Student Chapter


The Society for Risk Analysis – Student Chapter (SRA-SC), a student wing of the wider Society for Risk Analysis, brings the UB university community together to share information and ideas related to risk analysis, a domain that is currently being examined in diffused disciplinary settings. By creating a powerful experience emphasizing integrative learning, the club will foster critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and collaboration that values and embraces new ideas and perspectives. In a nutshell, the club addresses the problem of hyper-specialization prevalent across disciplines and provides the university community to look at the bigger picture and pursue their long-term career goals based on this crucial understanding. While the primary purpose of SRA-SC is educational, the club provides definite opportunities for cultural and social engagement in pursuance of the club’s goals.

We are an active group of undergraduate and graduate students who organize and/or participate in regular seminars, workshops, panel discussions, poster competitions, and social events to enhance the members' understanding and opportunities in the field. We welcome students from various backgrounds, including but not limited to, engineering, communication, computer science, statistics, psychology, social sciences, and medicine.