SAE Clean Snowmobile Team Places Second in 2014 Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Members of the UB team are, from left, Noor Jariri, Nate Sutorious, Pat O'Byrne, Matt Egan, Dave Stedman, Anthony Marchesiello, Peter Casey and Nick Lanzano.  

Published March 17, 2014 This content is archived.

The Society of Automotive Engineer’s student chapter placed second overall in the 2014 Clean Snowmobile Challenge among 14 universities and colleges.

Riding the snowmobile.

The team took home top honors in two categories — Best Lab Emissions and Best In-Service Emissions.

The team modified a 2011 stock snowmobile and to improve its handling and performance. They installed a turbo-charged diesel engine which, along with other adjustments, reduced the amount of environment-damaging emissions that the sled produces. It also helped reduce the sled’s noise and improve its fuel economy from 12 mpg to 28 mpg.

The fuel-efficiency boost came in handy because a component of the competition was a 100-mile ride in Michigan’s chilly Upper Peninsula. The contest was held March 3-8 at Michigan Technological University; visit their website for more information about the event.