Special Topics

Special Topics courses cover some of our most innovative and promising research directions.  They are often prototypes of new courses that we are developing.

Special Topics courses offer variable course content, so each semester's offerings are unique.

Summer 2021

CSE 510 Hardware Trust and Security (Lecture)
Section: KWI
Instructor: Kevin A. Kwiat
Description: The trend of US semiconductor companies outsourcing their device fabrication (i.e., fabless manufacturing) is typically directed to specialized foundries that are overseas. An international electronics manufacturing company with suspected ties to a foreign government has recently brought the issue of malicious hardware to the forefront. The “buyer beware” mantra has taken on a more sinister meaning for procurers of microcircuits because now the prospect of a hardware Trojan looms. This course offers the means to seek solutions to such a vexing cyber threat.
Prereqs: Basics of digital systems
Instruction Mode: Remote: not real time
Class #: 12867
Dates: 07/12/2021 - 08/20/2021
Days, Time: UNKWN, Unknown
Location: Remote
Credit Hours: 1.00-3.00
Enrollment: 0/30 (0/30 seats reserved for computer science & engineering majors only) (Active)
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Fall 2021

We aren't offering any courses in Fall 2021.