Course Descriptions

Incoming MS students for the Fall 2021 semester are encouraged to select four courses from the options listed below to register for in their first semester. These include core courses in each of the focus areas (Software, Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, and Theory/Algorithms) as well as electives.

The CSE faculty have provided introductory videos for these courses, which provide information on what you can expect to learn in each course and what knowledge and skills you should come to the class already knowing.

Course Intro Videos

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Recommended Courses for Incoming MS Students

These are the courses we recommend incoming MS students choose from for the Fall 2021 semester. To view the course syllabus, click the Course Code.

Course CodeCourse TitleCourse Instructor
Software Core Requirement

CSE 521Introduction to Operating SystemsFarshad Ghanei
CSE 535Information RetrievalRohini Srihari
CSE 570Introduction to Parallel and Distributed ProcessingJaric Zola
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Core Requirement

CSE 546Reinforcement LearningAlina Vereshchaka
CSE 555Introduction to Pattern RecognitionSreyasee Das Bhattacharjee
CSE 568Robotics AlgorithmsKarthik Dantu
CSE 573Introduction to Computer Vision and Image ProcessingJunsong Yuan

CSE 574(A)

CSE 574(B)

Introduction to Machine Learning

Mingchen Gao (A)

Sargur Srihari (B)

Theory Core Requirement

CSE 529Algorithms for Modern Computing SystemsRuss Miller
CSE 531Analysis of AlgorithmsRoger He
CSE 596Theory of ComputationKenneth Regan
Hardware Core Requirement

CSE 586Large-Scale Distributed SystemsBina Ramamurthy
CSE 589Modern Networking ConceptsHongxin Hu
CSE 593Introduction to VLSI ElectronicsRamalingam Sridhar
Electives (choose one)

CSE 510Special Topics: Software TestingWeihang Wang
CSE 510Special Topics: Software SecurityZiming Zhao
CSE 701Seminar: Deep Learning Methods in BiometricsNalini Ratha
CSE 702Seminar: Programming Massively Parallel SystemsRuss Miller
CSE 704Seminar: Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Social GoodRohini Srihari
CSE 705Seminar: Deep Generative ModelsWen Dong
CSE 706Seminar: Selected Topics in Deep LearningChangyou Chen
CSE 708Seminar: Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things (IoT)Marina Blanton
CSE 740Seminar: Connected and Autonomous VehiclesChunming Qiao