PE Continuing Education

TCIE Seminar.

SEAS is an approved NYS provider site for professional engineers. Working professionals can participate in a variety of opportunities to earn Continuing Education Units or Professional Development Hours.

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are available on campus or online. Most of the courses qualify as 36 contact hours of PE continuing education.  

Special Short Courses

Special short courses are custom-designed courses that are offered from time to time on specific technical topics and are of variable length (often two or three days in length). For more information, contact James Michalowski at


Seminars are conducted by the departments on technical topics and are typically rated at one contact hour each. To attend a seminar for credit, please contact us ahead of time. Please note that parking is subject to UB parking regulations.


If you have questions about graduate courses, special short courses or seminars, please contact:

James Michalowski
O'Brien Hall, Room 711
Voice: 716-645-0956
Fax:   716-645-2495

Professional Development Courses through TCIE

The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) offers a variety of educational programs, from short workshops to in-depth certification courses.

Whether you seek a classroom format, a blend of traditional education and online learning, or a one-on-one approach with personal mentoring, TCIE’s delivery is based on your terms and scheduling needs. In addition, programs can be tailored for private, on-site delivery.

For more information and/or to register for courses, visit TCIE's website.

Professional Engineer (PE) Licensure

Learn how you can obtain your PE license. A PE license is needed to perform engineering services for the public, and equips you with a state-authorized engineering seal that can be applied to engineering work.