Society and Computing Club (SOCO)

This club is founded with the primary goal of spreading awareness. Our aim is to get the conversation going and to gather resources and interest regarding topics of relevance to the category of “society and computing.” For instance, is social media making us politically polarized? What data privacy rights do we have? How do algorithms perpetuate racial and gender bias? How does social media affect our mental health?

Through general body meetings, we seek to gather ANY AND ALL people interested in the specified topic to present, discuss, and learn how society and computing interact and affect the world we live in. Awareness presenter(s) present an in-depth lecture on a topic that is pertinent to their area of expertise or experience. Open discussions follow. A secondary organization goal is to facilitate projects related to analyzing, researching, and potentially solving societal problems caused by computing.

 An interdisciplinary focus is a must for these discussions! We invite those from outside the computing field to provide context for the contemporary issues that arise from computing. As it has been woven into the very fabric of our daily lives, we deem it a necessity that computing issues are examined from outside perspectives. Those within the field are more than welcome too as we’d like to discuss technical insights on topics pertaining to algorithms, big data, artificial intelligence, and more!

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  • Donovan Blount.

    Donovan Blount


    Society and Computing Club (SOCO)

  • Hannah Alexandre.

    Hannah Alexandre

    Vice President

    Society and Computing Club (SOCO)

  • Jessica Gow.

    Jessica Gow


    Society and Computing Club (SOCO)

  • Alan Soto.

    Alan Soto

    Events Officer

    Society and Computing Club (SOCO)

  • Rafat Chadhury.

    Rafat Chadhury

    Underclassmen Representative

    Society and Computing Club (SOCO)

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