Luke Zakrajsek.

Luke Zakrajsek

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Winner Luke Zakrajsek started his research as an EE Undergraduate Research Scholar and decided to continue at UB in pursuit of graduate study.


Hometown: Windsor, New York

Level of Study:  BS '16, NSF Graduate Fellow MS '18

What did you study as an undergraduate and now, as a graduate student?

My research topic is terahertz (THz)and nanoscale communications. My faculty adviser is Dr. Jornet.

I like THz communications because it's still a relatively immature technology with huge untapped potential, but it is also close enough to practical implementation that we could see it start to generate disruptive technological applications in the near future. I also like the breadth of the research, because I am part of a group that is defining the field from the material and device level all the way to up to the network level.

What makes UB Electrical Engineering special?

UB provides all the tools and opportunities that one could ask for, and it is up to the individual to take advantage of those opportunities.