Student Profile

Hemendra Nath Jaiswal

PhD, Electrical Engineering, expected June 2022

Hemendra Nath Jaiswal.
“The many collaborative research projects involving research groups from different majors helps widen our knowledge and expand the applications of our work. ”
Hemendra Nath Jaiswal, PhD student
Electrical engineering

Where are you from?

Lucknow, India 

Why did you choose UB?

I selected UB because it is among the top public universities in the nation. It has a great reputation in the field of research and offers several advanced programs with an emphasis on research work. The feedback from the alumni of UB and affordability also played a role in choosing UB. 

What do you like most about engineering at UB?

SEAS at UB is doing a great job of mentoring future generations by providing excellent quality of education and lots of research opportunities in several majors. Large numbers of research lab facilities for various engineering majors provide a great platform for freshmen to get involved in some experimental work that can be a good learning experience and help them in deciding the career path they want to choose after graduation.  I am a graduate PhD student in EE department and I like the research work done by my department especially in the field of Solid State Devices; there is a great cleanroom facility in Davis Hall that has some of the most advanced machines for research in nanotechnology and it helps me in do my research work more efficiently. At UB, the many collaborative research projects involving research groups from different majors helps widen our knowledge and expand the applications of our work. 

Why did you choose to go into engineering?

I developed my interest in science and technology when I was a kid and enjoyed thinking about how electronic devices work. As time progressed, it developed into a passion and I thought electrical engineering would help me know about electronics in detail. The fact that my father and elder brother are engineers as well played a role in choosing an engineering major. 

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite outdoor place on campus is Baird Point. For indoors, I like the Student Union most because it is full of college life vibes and there are many good places to get food.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on my project which involves the study and exploration of 2D material for application in next-generation electronic devices. My research involves semiconductor device fabrication using advanced lithography techniques and making devices that are only a few nanometers in dimension.

What else do you do on campus?

As a graduate student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, I have gotten an opportunity to work as a TA in past and I like mentoring junior students. I also participate in the SEAS open house event every year for the high school kids to do lab tours and learn about our research work, as well as organize lab tours for current undergraduate students to learn and do some hands-on experiments. 

What have you done that you are most proud of?

I am proud of a few achievements made during my PhD journey.  I still remember my first talk at an IEEE-NMDC conference, which took place in Portland, OR in 2018. I was both nervous and excited at the time but it went well in the end and provided training for future work. I am also proud of my research being published and presented in world-renowned journals (Advanced Materials) & conferences (IEEE-IEDM).

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my work, which is what motivated me to go for my PhD. I like leading a research project and coming up with new innovative solutions for critical and challenging problems. I am always trying to learn new things and come up with innovative ideas for improving existing technology and making them more energy-efficient.

Has there been a particular faculty or staff member that has been formative during your time at UB, and how so?

My PhD advisor Dr. Huamin Li, has guided me during my PhD journey. He keeps on motivating me and giving tips to overcome challenges I’ve faced during research work. His experience and knowledge about my research field always help me in getting a better work plan for my projects.  

Other than him, I would like to mention Dr. Katharine Bartelo (Academic Coordinator) from the EE department for her great guidance in selecting coursework and letting me know about different opportunities available for students in EE department.

What are your future plans?

After my PhD, I plan to work in the semiconductor industry. I feel that I will get lots of opportunities to use the knowledge I gained while earning my PhD to work on something new and exciting. My plan is to join the R&D team of an organization so that I can learn and work on next-generation electronic devices. I hope to learn from my senior colleagues and train junior researchers and engineers in the future.

What is your advice for prospective students?

Engineering is a great major which helps in developing skills required for innovation, design and problem-solving. The engineering curriculum comprises lots of exciting courses, experimental work and group projects. All engineering students should try to learn new and exciting engineering skills and use them to solve the existing problems faced by communities. All engineering students should also learn to make the best of their situation- there will be highs and lows during four years of course. Primarily, both physical and mental health are equally important so always try your best to keep them in balance. All student should enjoy their journey and make lots of great memories during their time at UB.

Hemendra Nath Jaiswal received a 2021 Dean's Graduate Achievement Award from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.