Haiqing Lin


Haiqing Lin.

Haiqing Lin


Haiqing Lin


Research Topics

Novel membrane materials for CO₂ capture from flue gas and syngas; antifouling membranes for water purification; understanding of polymer structure/property correlations in thin films

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  • CE 318—Transport Processes II (Spring 2020)
  • CE 540—Materials Principles (Fall 2024, Fall 2023, Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2019)


Leiqing Hu.

Leiqing Hu, PhD (Google Scholar)

University at Buffalo (2019 - current) 

Project Title: Advanced polymeric membranes for pre-combustion carbon capture

PhD: Zhejiang University, 2018

Email: leiqingh@buffalo.edu


James Tran.

Thien (James) N. Tran (Google Scholar)

University at Buffalo (2021 - current)

Project Title: Functional polymers for post-combustion carbon capture

PhD: University at Buffalo, 2020

Email: ttran7@buffalo.edu


PhD Students:

Taliehsadat Alebrahim.

Taliehsadat Alebrahim (Google Scholar)

PhD (2018 – current)

Project title: Sorption-enhanced membranes for gas separations

Undergraduate school: University of Tehran

Email: taliehsa@buffalo.edu

Gengyi Zhang.

Gengyi Zhang (Google Scholar)

PhD (2018 – current)

Project title: Development of Thin-Film Composite membranes for CO2/N2 separation

Undergraduate school: Qingdao University, China

Email: gengyizh@buffalo.edu

Erda Deng.

Erda Deng

PhD (2019 – current)

Project title: Advanced 2D Material-based Membranes for Water purification

Undergraduate school: Nanjing University of Technology

Email: erdadeng@buffalo.edu

Ameya Manoj Tandel.

Ameya Manoj Tandel (Google Scholar)

PhD (2019 – current)

Project title: Hollow fiber membranes based on graphene oxide for dye desalination

Undergraduate school: Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Email: ameyaman@buffalo.edu

Vinh Bui.

Vinh Bui (Google Scholar)

PhD (2020 – current)

Project title: Polymeric organosilica membranes for pre-combustion carbon capture

Undergraduate school: University at Buffalo

Email: vinhbui@buffalo.edu

Narjes Esmaeili.

Narjes Esmaeili (Google Scholar)

PhD (2021 – current)

Project title: Sorption-enhanced polymers for gas separations

Previous School: University of Tehran (MS) 

Email: narjeses@buffalo.edu


Shweta Singh.

Shweta Singh

M.S. (2021 – current)

Project title: Membrane adsorbents for direct air capture

Undergraduate school: Ahmedabad University


Manas Agarwal.

Manas Agarwal

M.S (2021 – current)

Project title: 2D materials-based membranes for dye desalination

Undergraduate school: Manipal University Jaipur, India

Email: ma48@buffalo.edu

Kai Chen.

Kai Chen

M.S (2021 – current)

Project title: Graphene oxide membranes for dye desalination

Undergraduate school: University at Buffalo, NY

Email: kchen77@buffalo.edu

Varun Reddy Satti.

Varun Reddy Satti

M.S (2021 – current)

Project title: Polymeric membrane for pre-combustion CO2 separation

Undergraduate school: Manipal Institute of Technology, India

Email: varunred@buffalo.edu

Mengqi Yuan.

Mengqi Yuan

M.S (2022 – current)

Project title: Hydrophilic membranes for algae harvesting

Undergraduate school: University of South Florida, FL.

Email: mengqiyu@buffalo.edu