Careers in Chemical Engineering

The more you explore what chemical engineers do, the more interesting the story terms of both the science and technology, and how this knowledge translates into the real world.

Chemical engineers deal with the transformation of raw materials into useful products that have an impact on virtually every facet of human life.

With so many applications, there is certain to be a career path that matches your skills and passions. Whether you like chemistry, math, biology, physics, computers, data science, medicine, environment, energy, or one of many other topics, there’s a career path that lets you focus on what you enjoy while earning a good living.  With a chemical engineering degree, you have many choices!

Chemical Engineer posing laboratory in front of experimental equipment.

Chemical engineers work inside labs, and outside in the field.

What do chemical engineers do, and what do you study to learn how to do it?

Is a chemical engineering degree worth it?

What it's like being a chemical engineer.

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