Undergraduate Forms & Registration

Informal Course Request Forms

We no longer accept paper copies of forms. Please complete the forms below and upload to the SEAS Force Registration Site.

Downloadable forms must be completed, signed, and submitted online through the SEAS Force Registration Site no later than 2 weeks before the add/drop deadline of the semester for which you are requesting registration.   

Force Registration Requests

If you need to be forced into a Biomedical Engineering course please submit a Force Registration Form.

We are only able to force you in to Biomedical Engineering courses (BE). For force registration assistance for courses in other departments, you must speak with the faculty member for the course or a representative from that department for assistance. Submitting this form does not guarantee you will be registered into the course. You can expect to be contacted within 3 business days with an update regarding your request.

Common reasons to need force registration include:

  • Prerequisite or corequisite was completed at another institution and is not on your HUB record yet
  • Special permission is required for the course, i.e. faculty approval (*see below instructions)
  • Attempting to register for a class for a third attempt
*If the course which you are requesting to be forced into requires instructor permission, you must email the instructor requesting permission. Then, upload a copy of their approval to the force registration form. You may then submit your force registration request.

Please make sure that you have cleared all of your holds and that your enrollment appointment has opened before submitting a force registration request. 

In order to request registration into an informal course (BE 496, BE 498, BE 499, BE 596, BE 597, BE 599 or BE 699), you must complete the appropriate form from the BME website and upload this to a Force Registration Form request.