Why Choose Biomedical Engineering at UB?

Hands on Learning

  • During the Senior year you will participate in research opportunities directed by our faculty, and the program culminates with a Senior Design Project highlighting your combined knowledge across all of your coursework.
  • As a graduate student you focus on designing research experiments specific to your interests, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge in the areas of Biomedical Engineering that interest you most.
  • Our faculty are highly engaged in cutting edge research, bringing their expertise into the classroom to ensure that you are on the forefront of this dynamic field.
  • You will actively participate in a variety of hands on experiences in and out of the classroom. In the early years of the undergraduate program you build a core foundation of engineering and biomedical principles and apply it to laboratory experiments in the Junior year.
  • The skills and knowledge you gain from our program prepares you to critically respond to challenges in the field and to test and implement solutions you develop.
  • All of our students gain theoretical and practical knowledge that allows them to easily tansition from the classroom to careers in industry or academia.