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Student Research

Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activites

CURCA offers services for faculty on campus who are interested in mentoring undergraduate students in research or creative activities. CURCA seeks to make the process of mentoring as seamless and manageable as possible by offering resources that provide tips, up-to-date information, and support for faculty.

Faculty can post research opportunities directly through CURCA to recruit undergraduate students in their labs.

Research Funding

Sponsored Projects Services

UB’s Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) partners with the university community to prepare and submit proposals for sponsored funding and provides stewardship of awarded funds to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and policies. SPS Staff Support:

  • Agreement Administrator – proposal submissions, negotiating the terms and conditions of awards and is the point of contact for the sponsor
  • Proposal/Account Establishment Specialist – works with faculty and staff on proposal and budget development
  • Award Analyst- financial management of awards
  • AR Coordinator – invoicing sponsors and financial reporting

IFR Process and Policy

The guidelines specified below should be used as a reference to determine the inclusion of academic year effort (IFR) on grant proposal budgets to account for time spent on research activities during the academic year.

Award Total/Year (Direct & Indirect) # Person Months % Effort
$49,999 and below 0 0%
$50,000 - $99,999 0.25 2.70%
$100,000 - $149,999 0.5 5.50%
$150,000 - $199,999 0.75 8.30%
$200,000 and above 1 11.11%

Research Centers

Communities of Excellence

Seeking answers to global challenges, UB has established three new Communities of Excellence. Interdisciplinary teams are collaborating with faculty, students and practitioners in diverse fields using research, education and engagement activities to create integrated solutions.