News and Events

An article on Tech Xplore reports on research by James Chen, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, aimed at solving problems associated with exceeding the sound barrier.

UB engineer laying groundwork for quieter, more efficient and safer supersonic flight.

An article on CNET about a failed Soviet spacecraft that was supposed to travel to the surface of Venus in 1972 but failed to escape the pull of Earth’s gravity, and the one large piece of that spacecraft that appears to still be orbiting the planet and may soon crash to Earth, interviews John Crassidis, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
An article in Business First reports Abani Patra, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and founding director of UB’s PhD program in computational and data enabled sciences and engineering, has been named director of the Center for Computational Research.

A UB faculty member since 1996, Patra will guide the supercomputing facility as it supports faculty-led research and Buffalo’s growing knowledge economy.


While teaching a course on energy systems at UB, David Blekhman (PhD ’02, mechanical engineering) discovered his love for clean energy technology, in particular fuel cell technology.

An article on Electropages about triboelectronics, or the generation of electricity from friction, as a new power source for electronic devices interviews James Chen, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.
A story on WGRZ-TV reports a group of UB students, faculty and staff will participate in the 2019 Prague Quadrennial, the largest global event in the field of competitive stage design, which The New York Times has called “the most important meeting of theater people in the world, ”and interviews Jonathan Shimon, assistant professor of theatre technology at UB, and Katherine Metzler, a student majoring in mechanical engineering, about the event.