Student Life

MAE Student Services

All supported students are assigned desk locations by the Department Chair during the first week of each semester. Use of duplication equipment, laboratory space, computers, technician services, etc., must be arranged on an individual basis through the advisor with approval by the Department Chair. Departmental funds are not available for student travel.

International Students

International graduate students should contact the International Student and Scholar Services Office immediately upon arrival on campus and should keep in touch with that office during their entire stay at the University. The office assists international students seeking general information concerning the University and its many educational programs, and also coordinates the various services generally needed by international students such as admission, housing, counseling, health services, TOEFL testing and placement. It arranges for reception and orientation of international students and faculty members and cooperates with other university offices to provide necessary counseling, financial aid, and special programming. It is also responsible for relations with Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services, Internal Revenue Service, and other governmental and private agencies and community groups concerned with international student exchange.

As previously mentioned, international students on visa status must register for a full-time program of at least 12 credit hours each semester whether or not they are receiving financial support.


All full-time graduate students are eligible for student membership in the Buffalo Student Chapters of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and/or the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In addition, graduate students, regardless of society memberships, are eligible to compete in student paper competitions sponsored by the ASME and the AIAA. The ASME award is sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Department Heads Committee and requires endorsement by the Department Chair. Information on these items is available from the respective student chapter presidents, and the faculty advisors for the student chapters.

Graduate Representative

A representative of the full-time Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduate students is invited to attend departmental faculty meetings, except during deliberations on personnel cases. This representative has partial voting privileges and should be elected during the fall semester of each year at a meeting of the full-time graduate students. Normally the representative is a department assistant or fellow.