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Our Research Areas

  • 10/20/17
    Bioengineering is the use of engineering principles to solve problems in medicine and biology. 
  • 10/20/17
    Mechanics research at UB emphasizes the use of numerical methods to solve problems of solids, structures and biomechanics, including composite materials, as well as viscoelastic and biomaterials.
  • 4/16/18
    Our design research focuses on the design of components, mechanisms, products and systems, and on the issues inherent in designing, prototyping and manufacturing them.
  • 10/20/17
    The focus of this group is on modeling, identification, and control development and validation of a variety of electromechanical, biomedical and other systems applications.
  • 5/7/18
    This area has both fundamental and applied studies in energy conversion, heat and mass transport, and bioengineering. 
  • 10/20/17
    Research in materials is grounded in understanding why a material displays a given electronic, physical, mechanical, or chemical property or behavior, thus permitting "structure-property" relationships and predictions.