Professors and students in the SMART Center of Excellence in the Jarvis Hall Engineering Shop.

Thank you for your interest in UB's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering! Applying to one of our graduate programs is a simple process, and allows us to review your completed application quickly.
We offer MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. Students are trained for careers in engineering practice and/or further study at the doctoral level.
The Engineering Science – MS with a course focus in Robotics is an interdisciplinary program intended to train students in robotics and expand knowledge in automation leading to numerous employment opportunities in the electronic and computer industries or continued education at the doctoral level.
We offer PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. Students will have the ability to pursue research and complete a dissertation of original research.
There is an increased international, national, and statewide interest in the field of advanced manufacturing – from new methods in additive manufacturing, to co-robotics, and digital manufacturing. Students will take courses with graduate faculty members in Industrial and Systems Engineering or Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, including access to state-of-the-art facilities and interaction with UB’s Community of Excellence in Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART)
All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted. Graduate Students should consult the online departmental course schedules at the Student Response Center to ascertain which semester a course is being taught.
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Graduate Contact Information

Dr. David Salac
Graduate Studies Director
326 Jarvis Hall

Rosemary Lombardo, MA
Graduate Coordinator
210 Bell Hall