MAE Support Services

Printing & Copying Locations

MAE has 2 printing/copy locations: 211 Bell Hall & 331 Jarvis Hall.

MAE Mail Process

Please note that no peronsal mail can be sent or delivered to UB. The mailroom [211 Bell] is swipe card access. If you would like to send mail, you can contact Delia or the Department GA for postage.

Mailing Address: 211 Bell Hall, Buffalo NY 14260

Reimbursements and Travel

Through Concur, you will have the ability to submit your own travel receipts for reimbursement.

Getting Started Guide for Concur Travelers and Non-Travelers

As a traveler or non-traveler in Concur, use this guide to learn about your role and how to get started using the system.

Travelers in Concur: As a traveler, you can use Concur to request and book your business travel arrangements and will use it to submit your business travel expenses for reimbursement.

Non-Travelers in Concur: As a non-traveler, you will use Concur to submit your business non-travel expenses for reimbursement.

Please reserve a few minutes to complete the following. When finished, you may begin using Concur.

1.    Watch the Concur Training Video

  • For an overview of Concur and how you will use it, log in to UB Edge to watch the training video.
  • More training videos will be added to UB Edge as they become available.

2.    Log in to Concur to Complete Your Profile

3.    Learn About Your Role in Concur

  • Everyone in your department has a specific role in Concur. Your department cannot successfully submit expense reports without the participation of each role.
  • To learn about your role in Concur and the steps you will follow, go to the Travel and Expense Reimbursement System webpage.
  • In the section On This Page, click Roles in Concur Travel and Expense System then click the tab for your role.

4.    Access Concur Training Resources

5.    Contact for Concur Training, Help and Support


Andrew Fogelsonger and Marge Hewlett take care of department purchases. Most research or startup purchases can be routed through Marge; Andrew can help with IFR or startup purchases. If you have questions or need guidance on how to acquire something to set up your lab or research endeavors feel free to reach out to either Marge or Andrew for clarification.  General purchasing guidelines can be found on the Procurement website:

Tenure Process

Each tenure and promotion case is evaluated individually within the context, constraints, and circumstances of the faculty member under consideration. Note that it is possible to stop your tenure clock under certain conditions.

Sabbatical Request Process

Sabbaticals can be requested for one semester at full pay or two semesters at half pay. Faculty members requesting sabbatical must have completed 12 semesters of consecutive full-time service to be eligible.

Completed forms should be submitted to the Department Chair for initial review.

MAE Student Advising


SEAS uses a 2-tier advising structure:

  • SEAS advisors, located in 410 Bonner, advise freshman, sophomores, and first-semester transfer students. They are also the experts on University and SEAS policies. 
  • The MAE Undergraduate Coordinator, Andrew Fogelsonger, advises juniors and seniors and is the expert on MAE-specific policies.

In addition, Teaching Professors serve as MAE Faculty Mentors who assist students with questions related to career goals, research and graduate school.


Each student is assigned a preliminary advisor upon admission who will help the student decide in which courses to enroll the first year. Preliminary advisors are members of the Graduate Studies Committee. During the first semester, students will meet with MAE department faculty to find a common research area or interest and identify an academic advisor.

To recruit graduate students, contact the Graduate Studies Director for recent applications via UBbox.

MAE Website

The MAE Website is managed by Andrew Fogelsonger.

Faculty Profiles

You will work with Andrew to add/modify content to your MAE Faculty Profile located on the MAE Website. We follow specific branding standards regarding information and layout.

Personal or Lab Websites

If you decide to have your own personal and/or lab website, you will be responsible for creating and managing this. UBIT offers suggestions and basic guidance on this.

Common Acronyms Used in MAE

MAE: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

SEAS: School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

ATC: Assistant to the Chair

SENS: Science and Engineering Node Services

UBIT: University at Buffalo Information Technology

HUB: UB’s Student Information System (PeopleSoft)

SIRI: Strategic Information Reporting Initiative (Data Reporting)

UGSC: Undergraduate Studies Committee

GSC: Graduate Studies Committee

SPS: Sponsored Projects Services

IFR: Income Fund Reimbursable

CURCA: Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities

RF: Research Foundation

IDI: Interdepartmental Invoice

EPTF: Electronic Personnel Transaction

EREQ: Electronic Requisition