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MAE Scholarships

The Zimmer Award Program

The Zimmer Scholarship is intended to reward and encourage the scholarship of undergraduate students within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Applicants should be current full time students pursuing a BSME or BSAE Degree. An overall UB grade point average of 3.25 or higher is required at the time of application. The program includes support for academic year independent study or for a summer research experience as described below.

Zimmer Research Scholar Award

The purpose of the Research Scholarship is to encourage well-prepared undergraduates to participate in research-oriented projects during the academic year (normally as Seniors). Applicants are expected to have been in contact with their proposed advisor to discuss potential research areas of interest. A brief statement describing the planned research project should accompany the application. Zimmer Research Scholars are required to register for academic credit for their project by enrolling in the undergraduate research course MAE 498 for 1-3 credits during the semester of the scholarship (three credits of MAE 498 may be used as a Technical Elective). Student Scholarships are $1,000.

Zimmer Expanded Research Scholarship

The purpose of the Expanded Research Scholarship is to provide a more extensive research experience for students, requiring more hours of work, to take place sometime during the Spring of their Junior year to the Fall of their Senior year. Applicants are expected to have been in contact with their proposed advisor to discuss potential research areas of interest. A brief statement describing the expected research project should accompany the application. The Scholarship amount is up to $3,000.

Applications MUST BE submitted by the due dates listed below (an application consists of the Zimmer Application Form, brief project description, faculty advisor reference letter, and unofficial transcript):

  • Research Scholar Awards: DUE by September 6, 2017 for Fall 2017 Semester
  • Research Scholar Awards: DUE by December 20, 2017 for Spring 2018 Semester
  • Expanded Research Scholarship: DUE by May 4, 2018 for Spring 2018-Fall 2018.

NOTE: Maximum one award of each type (Research Scholar, Expanded Research) per student.

Yong Lee Scholarship

The Yong Lee Scholarship is now available for the Spring semester for an undergraduate student in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department, who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement and financial need.  The scholarship will be given to a student pursuing a B.S. degree who is a junior (in at least their 6th semester) in either the AE or ME undergraduate degree program.

A $1,000 scholarship will be provided to the successful applicant in this semester.  If the chosen candidate continues to make good progress towards their degree, the scholarship will be renewed in the following Spring semester.

Questions should be directed to Margie Hewlett, 240 Bell Hall, 645-1453

Applications must include all the information below and must be submitted electronically as one single PDF document to  The file name should be the applicant’s name. 

  • Name
  • Person Number
  • Local (Buffalo) address
  • Email address
  • GPA
  • Citizenship Status
  • Current copy of your “unofficial transcript”
  • An explanation about why you feel you would be a worthy candidate for this scholarship, keeping in mind that the Yong Lee Scholarship will be given to an undergraduate demonstrating outstanding academic achievement and financial need.  

Deadline: February 5 2018

Recent Zimmer Recipients

Fatak Borhani

Olivia Gustafson

Seth Messer

Peter Wilkins

Stephen Gagnon

Owen Langrehr

Ryan Nguyen

Benjamin Grace

Seamus Lombardo

Shathushan Sivashangaran

Recent Yong Lee Recipients

David Hooper

Sarah Kramer

Philip Piendel