Over many years, Eli Ruckenstein's prolific and imaginative research has advanced theories in transport phenomena, interfacial phenomena, catalysis, colloidal forces, polymers, surfactants, materials, and countless other diverse areas of chemical engineering and science. He recently published new books: Wetting Theory and Wetting Experiments.
Stelios Andreadis received the 2018-19 Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring Award, presented by the Graduate School to recognize UB faculty for their support and development of graduate students through their mentoring activities.

Research Areas

Stem cell in hair follicle

Our Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering faculty and students focus on tissue replacement and regeneration. 

Large sized graphene tube

Our research in Nanoscale Science and Engineering focuses on nanotechnology, advanced polymers, innovative catalysts, electrode materials, colloids, and self-assembly and crystallization phenomena. 

Image of computer generated molecule

Research in Computational Science and Engineering focuses on thermodynamic behavior, fluid dynamics, reaction mechanisms (both biological and chemical), bioinformatics, and modeling devices and systems.

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