Wednesday, February 21







10am - 12pm Life Size Operation (BMES): Join BMES and play Life Sized Operation. There will be a large table representing the human body with removable “organs.” Be careful not to touch the metal edges or the buzzer will go off! 145 Student Union
12pm - 1pm  SEAS Corporate Partner Panel (UB SEAS): Join representatives from Linde, National Fuel, National Grid, Moog and LaBella to lear more about their companies, how to prepare for internships and full-time positions, what they are looking for in new hires and much more.
210 Student Union: Landmark Room
1pm - 2pm SEAS Networking (UB SEAS): Stay to network with peer and company representatives. Pizza will be served.
210 Student Union: Landmark Room
3pm - 5pm
Name that Car Part (SAE): Test your knowledge of car parts! Join UB’s own SAE and participate in a trivia competition naming car parts. 210 Student Union: Landmark Room
3pm - 6pm Carnival Carnage (TPEC): A carnival-inspired game of felling “geese” instead of ducks. To gain advantages, players must correctly answer amusement-ride design trivia. 145 Student Union
5pm - 7pm Paper Airplane Competition (AIAA): Join AIAA in building your own paper airplane and compete against your friends. Pick up your very own wooden rubber band plane while supplies last! Test your knowledge of planes with the AIAA Trivia contest too! 235 Student Union
5pm - 7pm Escape the Island! Design Competition (DREAM): During this event, students will be given a marshmallow, and it is their goal to safely transport a mini figure on their ship as far away as possible from the island. There will be two rewards: the people's choice award and the farthest distance traveled. Students can gain points by participating or by winning the competition. Tools will be provided by the DREAM Hub, and students are welcome to use anything they can find in the lab.  118 Bonner: DREAM Lab 
7pm - 9:30pm Bots Maze Set Up 145 Student Union