Monday, February 19







9am - 11am Shop for a Balanced Meal (EWH): All participants will enter a “supermarket” with roughly $15 dollars to spend to make a balanced meal. Participants will then make a meal they think is balanced based on their current knowledge. Participants will then receive a quick talk about necessary food areas, and why it may be difficult for people in food deserts to receive a balanced meal.  235 Student Union
10am - 12pm Newspaper Bridges (ASCE):  Participants will be tasked to build a bridge out of newspapers. Each bridge will be tested to failure, earning points for how much weight it can withstand before failure.  145 Student Union
12pm - 2pm Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (AlChE):  Join AIChE in learning the chemistry behind using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream!
235 Student Union
1pm - 3pm Rube Goldberg Machine (ASME): Teams will have 1.5 hours to build a Rube Goldberg machine using different types of movement using theprovided materials. The team that has the longest possible machine will win! 145 Student Union
4pm - 6pm Space Trivia (SEDS): Join the UB SEDS club in a trivia contest. Students can form teams of up to 4 participants and using only their knowledge of space compete in space-themed trivia! 235 Student Union
6pm - 8pm Catapult Carnage (SASE): Students will form teams of up to 4 and using materials provided by SASE, each team will have up to 60 minutes to build a catapult to launch paper balls the furthest. 145 Student Union