Demo Day—Fall 2019

Student groups from several CSE capstone classes present the culmination of three months of effort, hard work, (metaphorical) blood, sweat (well... caffeine really), and tears (see above).

Best Demos

First Place

Title AI, by Sidharth Pati, Rohan Gupta, Riya Bhatia, and Stuti Shukla.  An iOS app for ACV Auctions to extract the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a title.

Second Place

Digital Rewards Program, by Saurabh Jain, Likhith Reddy Doddi, Stephen James, and Roopa Chandrashekhar.  The project is a digital rewards platform targeted at small businesses who are looking to move away from a punch card based system. The platform consists of 3 components: a business user website, a business employee app for use at the PoS and a customer app that lets them sign up for rewards programs being run by businesses in their area.  The business user website lets business owners register with their business, add their catalog and menu items and define rewards campaigns that they can run, both long term and short term for special events and holidays. They also get access to customer analytics that gives them an idea of customer's spending and purchase patternsThe employee app is for use at the PoS, letting the business employee look up a customer's available redemptions and process if any, and also assign any points for their subsequent purchase, automatically.The customer app lets a customer sign up for and use local businesses' rewards program, track their purchase history and rewards progress

Third Place

Take Spectrum Mobile, by Pratik Agarwal, Pradeep Kumar, Aman Bhayana, and Sourav Bihani.  The all new and much awaited mobile application for the Award winning Student newspaper of the University at Buffalo is here. Stay updated with the all news and events from the University at Buffalo. The Spectrum provides you story updates on the go right in your hands. The time for your conventional newspaper is over and all the good stuff from the newspaper is available at the touch of your mobile.

Best Research Award

Asynchronous DDQN ensemble through shared experience learning, by Luckyson Khaidem and Ankit Anand.  A novel reinforcement learning framework that leverages multiple asynchronous DDQN instances that share experiences to explore state-action space in few number of episodes.

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