• CSE Graduate Student Award Recipients
    CSE graduate students develop exciting technological innovations, pioneer new academic research directions, and exemplify instructional excellence in the classroom.
  • CSE Undergraduate Student Award Recipients
    While building the foundations of promising computing careers, these undergraduates earned distinctive professional recognition and memberships in exclusive professional societies.
  • CSE Demo Days
    At the end of the semester, student groups from several CSE capstone classes present the culmination of three months of effort, hard work, (metaphorical) blood, sweat (well... caffeine really), and tears (see above). 
  • Russell L. Agrusa CSE Student Innovation Competition
    Russell L. Agrusa (BS '76), founder and CEO of ICONICS, Inc., a Massachusetts-based manufacturing and building automation firm, understands that global demand for innovative automation and connectivity technology is growing rapidly.  As such, he sponsors this annual competition to encourage and reward outstanding student research work in these fields.