Advanced Certificate in Computational Science

Computer scientists in silhouette stand before a vibrantly-colored computer visualization display.

The Advanced Certificate in Computational Science is designed to provide students at the University at Buffalo with training in advanced scientific computing in combination with specialized education in traditional disciplines of science and engineering.

Certificate Programs

The department offers non-degree-granting certificate programs that enhance our degree programs by conveying deep experience in specific research areas.

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Computational Science is an emerging discipline, uniting ideas of Mathematics and Computer Science together with applications arising in science and engineering. Computational Science is distinguished from Computer Science. Computer Science concerns the design of hardware and software for the computer systems of the future. Computational Science concerns the exploitation of current hardware and software to address large-scale computational problems that arise in fields of engineering and science.

This Certificate is a cooperative program involving the Center for Computational Research (CCR) and participating departments (currently including: Mathematics, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering).

Students wishing to earn this Advanced Certificate must be admitted into a participating department, either in the graduate program (for a degree or for the Certificate) or in an approved 5-Year Combined BA-MA degree program. Students take courses required by the Certificate program (in addition to the courses required by their home department). Upon completion of these courses, the students earn the Certificate and the graduate degree from their home department.

Participating departments, in consultation with the Director of CCR, will approve the award of the advanced certificate for students registered in that department.


All students who are admitted to CSE MS or PhD programs are eligible to earn this Certificate.

To earn the Certificate, the student must take the following courses:

  1. COR 501 High Performance Computing I. (cross-listed with CE 620/MTH 667/MAE609/PHY 515, and will be cross-listed as a CSE course).
  2. COR 502 High Performance Computing II. (cross-listed with CE 621/MTH 668/MAE610/PHY 516, and will be cross-listed as a CSE course).
  3. CSE 531 Analysis of Algorithms
  4. CSE 537 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I (cross-listed with MTH 537)
  5. One of the following:
    • CSE 603 Parallel & Distributed Processing
    • CSE 606 Parallel Architecture
    • CSE 633 Parallel Algorithms

All these courses can be used for regular CSE graduate degrees.

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