22nd Annual CBE Graduate Student Research Symposium

Friday, October 25, 2019

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Keynote Lecture

Dr. Durgesh S. Vaidya | Director for Research & Development, OFS

Phase Equilibria of Corporate Life

Image of Dr. Durgesh S. Vaidya.

Transition from student life to corporate-citizen life can be a topic of curiosity, anxiety and intrigue for many.  The application of learning experiences gained on the UB North Campus to solving real-world innovation challenges on the Corporate Campus is explored through tracing the speaker’s personal journey.  General observations for navigating and harmonizing the often-conflicting forces at play during various phases along a typical career path are presented for personal reflection.

In summary, what you learn in CBE at UB matters. A lot.

Graduate Student Lectures

Aref Shahini | Doctoral Student in Professor Andreadis' Group

Aref Shahini.

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Restoring Muscle Regeneration after Aging

Junjie Chen | Doctoral Student in Professor Kyriakidou's Group

Junjie Chen.

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Complete Combustion of Methane over Ni/CeO2-based Catalysts: A Kinetic Study

Congratulations Poster Contest Winners

  • Ogechi Ogoke
  • Janel Abbott
  • Hien Nguyen
  • Nika Rajabian
  • Yudhajit Pal

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